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Proceeds will be donated to Child Welfare SA Nelspruit

Child Welfare

Child Welfare was established 83 years ago, serving families in need. Today, the government and courts rely heavily on the branch in Nelspruit to step in on their behalf. Their main focus is on children who suffer neglect and abuse of all forms. Social workers from Child Welfare are working day in and day out to keep families together where possible. However, they also have the tough job of removing children from severe and dire situations – to find them safe foster placements until a court of law can decide where they will be placed.

“The government refers a lot of cases to us, the salaries are partly subsidized by the Department of Social Development, but we rely heavily on community involvement and their generosity to help us with operational costs, and donations towards our fundraisers, said Temie Biyela, office administrator of Child Welfare SA Nelspruit.

Challenges due to COVID-19

Due to the global pandemic, Child Welfare was unable to do any of their planned fundraisers for the year. Sadly, many businesses that had supported them in the past, were unable to do so this year do so the financial constraints.

“We rely on some supermarkets that are willing to donate food for food parcels, because many families have been affected with unemployment this year.  We also receive books, clothes and toys, which helps a lot when a child is removed in an emergency situation. We can give them a change of clothes and something to distract them with or to hold on to”, said Temie.

Due to the lockdown situation, abuse against children has been rampant and many more cases than usual have been reported. “Babies and children up to the ages of 12 are the most affected, whereas teenagers often leave their homes and live with a friend or relative, or they speak out against their abuse. The younger ones are more vulnerable, they are too scared to tell anyone of their abuse or they have nowhere to go”, Temie explained, continuing, “a great deal of our expenses are to buy nappies, baby formula and medicine for sick, neglected children.”

Everyone does their part

“We don’t just take children away from their families. I am not a social worker, but we all help each other with admin and pitching in where help is needed. If a baby is crying, I hold them and love them. If a child is scared, I support them and tell them what is happening so they don’t feel alone. A social worker may be tied up doing something for the case, and we don’t want the child in question to feel unsafe or scared. We will always help where possible.”

Going forward

Child Welfare has many projects planned going forward, should the pandemic regulations permit it, “We are involved with schools and community projects, to educate and bring awareness. We will definitely be part of the 16 days of activism against violence on woman and children”, said Temie.

“We would like to thank the Nelspruit community for their support. So many people have been kind to our cause, and continue to do so.”


Contact Child Welfare on: Tel: 013 753 3330 | | |10 Ehmke Street, Nelspruit.

Donate to Child Welfare:

Child Welfare SA Nelspruit, 

First National Bank – 250016,


If you would like to buy some items to donate from our online shop, we can deliver it to Child Welfare on your behalf!

Contact us for info: | | Tel: 013 755 5500 | WhatsApp: 066-192-1703

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