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6 Surprising reasons for gaining weight

6 Surprising reasons for gaining weight

We’ve all been there – double checking the back of a can to “assess the damage” in kilojoules. Even bought those spiffy FALKE socks from Mopani Pharmacy and started jogging. Yet, here we are, on the scale, and we’ve gained a kilo.

Well, there must be an explanation – and it does not always have to do with doughnuts.

Here are 6 surprising reasons why your scale is being offensive today.

Working out, a lot!

Fat actually weighs less than muscle mass. You could be burning fat like the midnight oils. However, your muscles are growing and thus add to your overall body-weight. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of your workouts, look at your measurements. Your overall weight distribution should shift.

  • Your body may become gradually smaller and then tone or bulk up, depending on your workout methods.
  • Two people can be the same length, and have exactly the same weight, but one can have fat mass, and the other, muscle mass.

Overeating healthy foods

Many of us are making health conscious decisions now. We will not dwell on the doughnuts, but look forward to buzzwords like lean, keto, vegan, wholefoods, sugar-free. Unfortunately, it is known; If you eat more kilojoules than what you are able to burn in a day, you will gain weight.


Some may say that you only need to ‘jumpstart your metabolism’. Truthfully, most people simply need to control their portion intakes.

One diet does not fit all

Every BODY is different. One person may have insulin resistance. Another can have increased hormone levels of some sort. One person may be in puberty, growing. Another could be older, with a withering metabolic rate.

You can try different diets and have no success – or skip on a few chocolates and lose 5 kilograms in a month. The very best advice that can be given, is the professional kind. A dietician would be the best person to help you find the correct lifestyle choice. Yes, lifestyle choice – as this is a lifelong journey to stay healthy, with allowances for doughnuts, of course!

Read more about different diets explained, here. 

Beauty Sleep


There is much more to it than getting that puff out of your eyes and giving your body and brain some rest.

Your body needs to deal with so much every day. It needs to form a pattern, of what is normal for you, and adjust its processes accordingly. This is why some people can get “used to” less sleep.

If you stay awake for longer than usual, it means your body will want to use more food for energy to keep you awake. After a few nights, your body starts thinking that it should store extra fat for all these hours you are missing. Plus, you are awake now. So, the fridge calls to you. Those left-overs that was meant for tomorrow’s lunch, is now a midnight snack.

Put down the drum-stick, and go to bed!

Also, when your body and brain is asleep, the rest of you, finally gets to do all the stuff it needs to, to keep you healthy. Your hormones and your blood sugar stabilise, and your body gets to fight against invaders, thus building your immune system.

Your scale needs a new battery – and have, for a while


It’s not so much that you don’t want to weigh yourself. It is more of a schlep to find that weird shaped battery only available at the store that has been closed since Lockdown. Or whatever you tell yourself. Either way, you are no longer checking. Traditional jeans are less popular now, with the stretchy stuff taking over. Before you know it, you have gone up two sizes and had not noticed. It’s only when your bra starts digging a bit deeper than before that you start wondering, but still not enough to ask Facebook for a recommendation on where to get such a battery in lieu of your favourite shop.

Get a battery, or a whole new scale for that matter. Or visit the Mopani Wellness clinic and just hop on the scale there! Once a week, once a month, it does not matter. Just do it. It will let you know when you have to slow down on the indulgences a bit.

Ignorance can only be bliss if the same pants will fit.


Any medication has a probability of a side effect or two. Don’t stress! Just monitor your habits and your weight whenever you start a new one. Some may have hormonal effects that make you want to eat more. Others may cause water retention. If you are worried and weight gain has not stabilised after three to six months, ask your doctor for an alternative or check in with our Pharmacists about which ingredients may be the cause and how to combat the effects.


Our knowledgeable sales team can help you to find products that will suit your lifestyle and help you get the best weight-loss results.

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