Do it like a pro, or go home! Endurance training is more than the act of training itself. It is a continuous commitment throughout the day to make sure you are getting everything you need to make the best out of your workout.

Mopani Pharmacy had a chat with one of our local Personal Trainers and Mopani Ambassadors, Dewald Meyer, on how he achieves the best endurance training day.

The prequel to the training montage

Before we start playing The Eye of the Tiger, let’s back up a bit. Your day actually starts the day before!

“It is vital for any athlete to not only get enough, but good quality sleep, to perform at their peak. I aim for at least 8 hours of sleep. Magnesium has many benefits, one of which is to help calm your nervous system, to help your readiness for sleep along. I use a magnesium oil spray every night before I go to bed”, said Dewald.

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Early Bluebird catches the worm

Dewald gets up at 05h00, and starts his day with a good quality cup of strong coffee. “Coffee is life! My personal favourite is Bluebird Coffee – The Friendly Blend available at Mopani Pharmacy.”

At 06h00 it is time for first breakfast!

Among a few options, Dewald enjoys overnight oats, with USN BlueLab 100% Whey Premium Protein (Strawberry), some Peanut Butter and a mix of fresh berries. “Whether you are doing strength or endurance training, Whey Protein is essential to reducing muscle damage, and to aid in recovery from strenuous training”, said Dewald.

He then tops it off with a Nutritech VitaTech Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, “it has everything you need and it’s great value for money.”

Second breakfast! 09h00.

At this time, he digs into some eggs with rye bread and avocado.

Elevensies! With great endurance comes many electrolytes – and the actual training.

It’s not so much about sticking to a routine, as sticking to a time to train. “I try to stick to training the same time, every day. You can switch up your types of training. For endurance, you need to take in enough fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep you going. I use Powerbar ISO Active, which has all of it.

If your training is going to last for quite a while, as it does when you are doing endurance, you will need a boost, “I love the Powerbar Chocolate Caramel Ride Energy bars, they are the bomb, and tastes so good! Alternatively, I use the GU Energy Gel sachets, which are in my opinion, one of the best products on the market, hands-down.”

After training, Dewald has some more Whey Protein to kickstart his muscle recovery.

15h00 Smoothie – Boys just want to have fun

“This is where you can get creative! I like any smoothie made from almond milk, peanut butter, fresh greens or fruit with some USN Whey Protein”, said Dewald

18h00 – Dinnertime

“I like to have healthy, low carb dinners. It will usually be steak, fish or chicken with salad or roasted veggies.”

21h00 – Bedtime

“I have a glass of warm water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, every night before bed. It really helps to kick-start my digestive system during sleep and aids in weight loss. It tastes absolutely awful, but you can brush your teeth right after, and I swear by it!”

Side notes

  • If you are going to increase the amount of times you eat per day to get the benefits of continuous nutrition, make sure to cut your portions to your level of activity. It is best to consult a dietician or even Dewald to make sure you are “out-running” your kilojoule-intake, figuratively speaking.
  • You can reach Dewald via email on, should you need some help with workout routines.
  • Check out Part 2 next week for Dewald’s take on Strength Training Day!

Dewald Meyer

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