We all know that there are a variety of supplements that we can take, to boost our immune systems and get all the nutrients we need.

However, the shelves of supplements are jam-packed full of so many to choose from! How do we choose? It is not as if you have years to sit and study up on which product does what and contains which ingredients!

Luckily, we can recommend some, and give you the ins and outs of why these products may be a good fit for your family.

Linctagon-C Effervescent Tablets


Your body uses vitamin C to make collagen. This keeps bones, skin, teeth and blood vessels healthy and supple. Vitamin C will not cure a cold or flu by attacking it, but it will boost your immune system to help your own body fight it.

Vitamin A helps to keep your eyes and skin healthy. Zinc helps the body to absorb other nutrients, and is known to help heal sores and wounds – this is particularly helpful when you have a sore throat and a red, chafed nose.

Linctagon-C contains Pelargonium extract, indigenous to South Africa. Pelargonium sidoides are known to relieve symtoms of the common cold and is safe to use for diabetics. It also contains Vitamins A and C as well as Zinc to boost the immune system.

Available in doses ready for both kids and adults, the effervescent tablets can be dissolved into a glass of water in berry or orange flavours as well. This means, no icky bitter pill to swallow. It is suitable for persons aged 12 and older. For children younger than 12, one may use Linctagon-C Junior.

Pediasure Complete

SupplementsSometimes we forget, children are growing, and are using every nutrient available to build onto their bones and muscles. A healthy diet is effectively the building blocks of their development. Some children may have underlying issues that cause difficulty in getting the right nutrition due to dietary constraints. Other children are just very active, and may burn up all their energy.

Pediasure contains 28 essential vitamins and minerals, formulated for kids between ages 2 and 10. Children struggling to eat and maintaining a healthy weight may benefit from Pediasure as it serves as a grow-and-gain aid. This will ultimately boost their energy levels and fight lethargy that is a side effect of malnutrition.

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A. Vogel Echinaforce

SupplementsEchinacea aids the body to build a resistance to bacterial infections and viruses, to fight it off and to reduce the risk of secondary infections. Homeopathic medicines trigger the body’s natural responses, metabolic and autoimmunity to fight what ails you itself.  There is no medicine for viral infections, which is why homeopathic alternatives can aid your body in the fight against a virus.

Echinaforce is one of the echinacea herbal products available that may help to prevent and treat bacterial and viral infections. It also helps prevent the complications of colds and flu. It safe to be used daily for an all-year-round boost.

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SupplementsWe are all trying our best to keep balanced diets to ensure that we are getting enough of everything. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible. We end up eating junk food, or we skip on the vegetables. Boosting our immune system is often, out of the window. Sometimes, maintaining it, alone, is a challenge.

Feel confident knowing that you are getting a multivitamin that meets most of your daily needs. Centrum supports your immune system, cell regeneration, overall energy and your metabolism. Centrum is verified as non-GMO and Gluten / Lactose Free, and is known as a diabetic and vegetarian friendly product.

  • The brand is backed by four decades of science and covers micronutrients from Vitamin A through to Zinc
  • It is available in different packs / forms, to accommodate children with chews, as well as offer a multivitamin reflecting age appropriate needs for adults and the elderly, respectively.

B-Cal K2 Tabs

SupplementsAfter the age of 35, our bodies start to lose calcium and we need to supplement more to compensate for it. Good bone health ultimately ensures a lower risk of fractures and breaks, as well as Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis literally means porous bones, which means that the density and strength of your bones can be compromised. The earlier we take care of our bones, the better it will be in our old age.

B-Cal K2 is a calcium supplement with magnesium, vitamins D3, K2 and C to form collagen, to support bone health and aid in preventing brittle bones and osteoporosis.

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If you need more help choosing supplements that will be suitable for you and your family, make sure to speak to our knowledgeable sales team or even our pharmacists. They can assist you in choosing a supplement that will benefit you the most according to your age, lifestyle and medical needs.

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