In Springtime, the kids collected silkworms. They learned the importance of eco-systems and that not all caterpillars turn into the most beautiful butterflies. Love them or hate them, unfortunately, not all worms are welcome. Yes, the type that sits in Fluffy’s stool, causing him to eat more than a teenage boy on the rugby team.

That could be more than one type though; threadworm, roundworm, whipworm, tapeworm and hookwor. It does not really matter which, they are all quite unwelcome!  Don’t fret, Mopani Pharmacy has you covered.

Mopani Pharmacy stocks a wide range of deworming medications such as Vermox and Wormstop, in the form of tablets and suspensions, containing the active ingredient of Mebendazole. It prevents newly hatched insect larvae (worms) from growing or multiplying in your body.

Our responsible pharmacist or wellness clinic Sister can assist in pointing out the correct dosage needed.


We recommend that you deworm yourself and your family members, every three to six months, along with your pets (they should be dewormed with vet-approved products, not the same as the humans!) – to ensure that you and your family stay parasite free.

According to the World Health Organisation, over 870 million children (half of the children in the world) are at risk of parasitic worm infection. Worm infections interfere with nutrient uptake, can lead to anaemia, malnourishment and impaired mental and physical development. It poses a serious threat to children’s health, education, and productivity.

The most common symptoms of worm infestation are lack of appetite, tiredness, anaemia, loose bowels, vomiting. If your symptoms persist after making use of a deworming medication, please consult your doctor.

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