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Hassle-Free Health at Mopani Pharmacy

Generations have trusted Mopani Pharmacy with their own, and their family’s health. For more than 36 years Mopani Pharmacy has earned this trust through consistency and a friendly professionalism you can rely on. Although the Mopani Pharmacy stores offer much more than medicine – from fragrances to the delicious treats at Mopani Fresh; their Dispensaries remain at the heart of what they do. In order to ensure the very best pharmaceutical experience, Mopani offers many additional services linked to their dispensaries. One of these professional services you need to know about is Mopani Pharmacy’s Chronic Medication Program. Chronic medication is indicated by Doctors to make patients’ life easier. Taking medicine as prescribed regulates the human body to maintain an equilibrium in order to function normally and promote health. It is crucial that you adhere to the schedule set out by your doctor. Therefore, Mopani Pharmacy tries to eliminate any further worries to help you manage your chronic medication.
How can Mopani help with Chronic Medication?
Simply put, the Chronic Medication Program at Mopani Pharmacy ensures that a patient’s repeat medicine is prepared for them monthly, punctually and effortlessly! The service includes ensuring that the medicine is taken as prescribed. Their responsible pharmacists are always happy to assist and give informed advice on your treatment schedule. They will constantly remind patients to schedule follow-ups with their doctor and renew their scripts every six months to avoid disappointment of not being able to receive their medication when needed! Another way they try to relieve a customer’s anxiety is to make sure that the medication gets paid by the correct benefits from their medical aid. No one enjoys an unwanted account at the end of the month. Invariably, just when you were excited to start saving for that much-needed holiday you kept promising yourself!
How the program works:
Once a patient joins this program, their data will be loaded onto the CRM (Chronic Repeat Medicine) system promptly to ensure that the medication is able to reach the patient in good time. The next collection will then be due 25-28 days after the previous claim date. The preferred communication method, either a phone call, e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp, is then used to communicate with the patient. After the claim is processed, the parcel gets prepared and taken to the collection counter for the patient to pick up. Alternatively, they can have it delivered locally to your doorstep or couriered countrywide.
YOU can join this program!
Anybody can become part of this program. It is quick and easy to register and what’s best – this service is free! It won’t matter whether you have a one item script or several items prescribed. Any information as well as the medication related to the patient is kept confidential.
The main advantage of this program is that it saves time. No more queuing at the dispensary! Everything is done automatically, ensuring a consistent system with minimal mistakes and medicine always being prepared punctually. A valuable relationship of at least six months is formed with Mopani Pharmacy and their Dispensary team. Different types of communication are made available for optimal convenience for the patient. Delivery services are available free of charge for the Nelspruit and White River area and a courier service can accommodate patients living throughout the rest of South Africa at a minimal fee. Contact details: Lerie: E-mail: chronic2@mopani.co.za                   Tel: 013 755 5500             WhatsApp: 082 606 4808 Armand: E-mail: chronic1@mopani.co.za               Tel: 013 755 5500             WhatsApp: 082 606 4924

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