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How to ensure a ‘no-go’ is a ‘go-go’

How to ensure a ‘no-go’ is a ‘go-go’

Do I require magical skills to make bathroom visits a regular part of life?

You’ll never forget the first time your toddler sat on a toilet, experienced the utter joy of flushing and learning when it’s time to ‘go’. One would think once the ice is broken it’s purely habitual. Potty training, however, is no walk in the park.

We have a few tips to ensure ‘no-go’ is rather ‘go-go’:

  1. Don’t set your toddler up for failure.
    Before you even consider a diaper-free trial run, highlight how fun it is to wear underwear and go to the toilet. Comparisons such as ‘soon you’ll be flushing just like Mommy and Daddy’ work wonders. Remember, kids generally only start potty training at age 2. It is crucial to be patient. Every child is different and will start when the time is right. Here’s how you know he’s ready for the transition:

    You’re changing fewer diapers.
    Shows interest in people going to the toilet.
    Your little one is more vocal about the bathroom and dislikes dirty diapers.
    Wants privacy during diaper changes.

  2. Dress for potty training success.
    Start off small. Ask your toddler to pull up and down his pants for diaper changes. Once he has mastered this manoeuver, switch to underwear and start the trial run. Never dress him in clothes that will make potty breaks difficult. Not being in time will create a negative connotation. If your little one is not developmentally ready, even the best toilet tactics will fall short.
  3. Convincing your toddler to sit is no small task.
    They mightn’t be interested, get frustrated or be scared. Motivate your toddler to go. If he refuses, throw in the towel, and toilet paper, and try again later. Be flexible and consistent in asking, but never force it. A bathroom quarrel will only prolong the transition process. Make the bathroom a creative environment. Shift the focus to colouring or sketching.
  4. Any task starts off with a potty break.
    It’s difficult for a toddler to stop what they’re doing and listen to their body. It is important that you remind your toddler constantly that a potty break is coming up. Before he gets engulfed in putting his toys away, having a drink or a snack, remind him to go to the bathroom first.
  5. Accidents will happen.
    If your little one is potty trained and suddenly goes in his underwear, accept it as a natural and integral part of the training process. Backsliding is bound to happen. Keep in mind that a shift in routine such as a new family member, school or even a vacation might cause a few misses. Identify the trigger and subtly solve it.

Potty training seldom proves to be a smooth transition. The process of ditching the diapers sounds exciting but never underestimate the process. It’s all about being patient and looking for signs that your little one is ready. Remember, regression is normal, but before you know it you can throw away those diapers.

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