Your fragrance is an expression of your personality, just like your clothes are. So if you wear it, make sure you wear it correctly to get the best out of it.

Our senses are indeed the way we experience the world, and how others remember their experiences with you. How many times have you met someone only to recall what they smelled like, before anything else?

Here is how to get the best out of your fragrance:

Picking the correct fragrance


First of all, most of us have one go-to product we like and we hardly deviate.  However, we should really have four, or at least two. Summer nights, winter nights, summer day, winter day.

Yes, there is spring and autumn, but is that really a thing in South Africa? Its freezing one day and the next; get your bathing suit, summer has arrived! In the end, the spring & summer fragrances and the autumn & winter fragrances are very similar anyway, so don’t worry too much.

Now, identifying the right fragrances can be a bit tricky if you are using 20 testers and all the scents seem to blur after a while. Luckily, there are four ways to identify the correct scent for the correct time of day and weather;

  • The packaging will be labelled as day time or night time, and if not, look at the colour. Bright yellows and orange will be for day time, and dark blue or red is usually a night time fragrance
  • You can ask for help at the Mopani Pharmacy fragrance and cosmetics counters, as our knowledgeable staff may help identify different fragrances
  • You can Google a few brands to see reviews and ratings
  • Fresh citrusy or floral scents are associated with summer time, and spicy scents like cinnamon are associated with winter

How to apply it


Spritz the air and run through it? No, that is a waste. To get the best results, you need to prep your skin first, by taking a nice hot shower to cleanse and open your pores. Using an unscented soap is best, as it will not clash with your perfume. If your soap is scented, try to use as little of it as possible.

The next step is to moisturise. Fragrance does not stick to dry skin very well. A fragrance free moisturiser will also hold the fragrance in place.

Day time fragrances tend to last longer. If you are wearing shorts or a dress, you can apply it to the back of your knees and inner elbows for an all-day slow-release.

For night time fragrances that do not last as long, you can apply to the collarbone, neck and behind the ears.

For both fragrances, you can run some through your hair, as it will cling to your hair product like hairspray or leave-in conditioner, for a longer lasting effect. You can spritz some on your hair brush and just run it through your hair. Just think, turning your head might turn some heads!

What not to do


It is always better to apply it to your skin rather than your clothing, as fragrance reacts and performs better with your body heat.

You need to spray it around 15 centimetres away from your skin. If your skin is wet after application, it is too close.

Always dab it on the area if you are transferring it, do not rub it. If you have sprayed it to one wrist and want to transfer to the other, lightly dab one on the other. Do not rub your wrists together, as that will break down the fragrance molecules and the scent will fade quicker.

Don’t rub your perfume dry if it got your skin wet, rather let it air-dry or dab it off gently.

Using too much can be overwhelming. Night time perfumes can be re-applied every four hours or so. Day time fragrances vary depending on the brand. Chances are, even though you don’t smell it, others do.  You can reapply halfway through your day if need be.

Don’t spray night time over day time fragrance if you did not shower. The two may clash horribly. However, if you don’t have time for a shower, you can use a baby wipe or some hand sanitiser with a damp cloth to wipe over your skin to remove the fragrance from your skin.

Fragrance storage and expiration

If your vanity desk gets a lot of sunshine, you might want to move your fragrance else-where. Inside a drawer or cupboard in a cool area is fine, but your best place will be in the fridge!

If you wear it daily, a large bottle might be handy. However, if you are using different types, and not using it every day, you may need to downsize and buy smaller amounts at a time. It may appear more expensive to buy a smaller quantity, but you will waste money if you buy a large bottle and it expires before you can use it all.


Mopani Pharmacy is an authorised stockist of some of the leading brands in fragrance, guaranteed to have something, perfect for you.

Come check us out! Smell you soon!

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