Take a sip of water, re-apply. Lunch. Re-apply. Coffee. Re-apply. Bathroom break, glance in the mirror – oh, smudged. Re-apply.

Why bother? It is too much effort.

Well, it does not have to be. Our Mopani Pharmacy Cosmetics team all shared their tips on things you can do to make your puckered pout stay put for longer!

Exfoliate your lips

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Yes, if you have yesteryear’s dead skin on your lips, your lipstick will not be applying smoothly, and probably flake right off. You can exfoliate with a lip scrub, or brush your lips gently in the mornings using a toothbrush.



Drink lots of water everyday to keep yourself and your skin hydrated and smooth. You can also apply a lip balm a few minutes before you apply lipstick. Remember that oil-based lip balms may break down your lipstick formula, or make it move around on your lips. You may need to wipe the excess off, before applying.

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A concealer grabs hold of your lipstick and keeps it in place. You can make use of a long-lasting concealer. This may even help to even out your lip colour, so that the lipstick pigments stand out even better.


No, this is not an ode to the early 2000’s trend of lining with a dark liner and colouring with a nude. Lip liner can create a sort of barrier on the edge of your lips to prevent lipstick from just jumping ship and moving onto your skin. A shade as close to your lipstick as possible, is preferred.

Thin layers

Apply your lipstick in short, light strokes, building up to the intensity you like. Multiple, thin layers, will last longer than one thick layer. If you are using a liquid, allow for it to dry, before re-applying.


You can blot your lips between applications with a layer of tissue or blotting paper to get excess, oily build up off. This is especially helpful if you have just eaten and may have some food particles on your lips, and you need to re-apply.


Set it

Set your lipstick with a make-up setting spray, or a small amount of translucent powder.

Type and quality of lipstick


Look for brands and shades that are promoted as long-lasting. Unfortunately, there are counterfeit make up sold everywhere – and many of them have false advertising on the packages. Make sure you buy your make-up at a reputable place. You may end up paying a bit more, but your lipstick will last you much longer in the end.


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