Grinded, roasted, blended and toasted – filtered, stirred, inhaled… Exhale.

Smell the coffee yet?

Well, what if it can have an even better smell? Something new… Fresh… Something homey… Something …. Delish.

Try adding one of these ingredients to your pot for that little something extra



You can try an orange syrup or some grated orange zest, for a fresh, aromatic, fruity taste. Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, many of it available in the peels – so after snacking, keep the peels for your coffee.



You can add a spoon full of cinnamon mix sugar, for that spicy sweetness, or simply sprinkle some on top of your cream. Alternatively, mix some in with your coffee beans before you grind them. Start with a small amount, and add to taste, as it may be a bit overwhelming.

Cinnamon is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it will make for a healthy addition.



This is a common middle eastern additive to foods, as its spicy aroma is a thrill on the senses. It can be used in the same manner as cinnamon.

Cardamom has been used for thousands of years to help with digestion, and can help soothe an aching stomach.



This one has a strong scent, so it might smell stronger than what it tastes like. Nutmeg reminds one of pumpkin spice and earthy, homey scents.

Nutmeg is often used to help increase blood circulation within the body, and boost your skin’s natural hue.


Mixed in with your coffee beans, or straight into the pot, this delectable dark chocolate taste in your cup will be absolute heaven in the winter months.

Raw cacao contains serotonin, and is widely believed to help improve your mood.



Add some peppermint oil, or use peppermint leaves in your coffee filter. Just be cautious as peppermint is a very strong flavour and may take over everything else! However, this fresh addition will definitely go down well, especially if you are feeling a bit congested.

This is a great addition to your coffee when you are fighting a cold and feel a bit stuffy.


Vanilla syrups and extracts are just fantastic. It is often used as an appetising scent in restaurants! Add a dash of vanilla to your cup for a mild, aromatic indulging taste.

Known for it’s antioxidants, it is a great boost for your skin!

Almond milk


Switch out your usual diary for some almond milk. You can even add some crushed almond sprinkles on top of your milk froth. This will add an earthy, nutty taste to your coffee.

This is a great alternative for those with lactose intolerance or vegan diets, as well as someone just looking to try something new!


In addition to coconut, you can use some coconut flakes for some added flavour to give your coffee a lovely taste of paradise.

Coconut itself is rich in fibre and minerals, but should be consumed in moderation as it remains high in kilojoules.


Floral tastes are in! It’s not just for salads anymore.  Make sure to use a very small amount of dried lavender, in your coffee grinder for a taste of lovey seasons past.

Lavender is widely believed to have calming affects, and may aid in a variety of health conditions!


  • Make sure that your flavoured oils are food grade

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