Amidst a world pandemic, it is not as if people no longer suffer any other ailments. Heart disease and hypertension remains in the lead, firmly at the top – of the most dangerous illnesses.  

Now, we are not about to shame you for eating that doughnut. Forget that you have misplaced your tekkies, or that the tumble dryer ate your running socks. That is neither here nor there but… How is your blood pressure? Do you know? You should, know, you know?

Don’t worry! It’s super easy to find out whether or not you have hypertension

Know Your Score: Visit the Mopani Wellness Clinic and have yourself checked out. Knowing your cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure and body mass index will enable you with the ultimate knowledge – to guide you through the rest of your journey towards wellness.

Should you have chronic hypertension, it can be managed with a prescription, and a few healthy changes to your lifestyle. You can get a blood pressure monitor as well, for convenient, at-home testing.

Now, about your tekkies… Who needs them? If you can’t replace them right away, don’t worry about it. Just remember that a pair of shoes should not keep you from looking after your health.

There are so many things you can do that will make a huge difference!

  • You can do barefoot sprint exercises in the back yard.
  • Jumping jacks
  • Use a jump rope (they are quite cheap compared to running shoes)
  • Watch and exercise along with YouTube tutorials
  • Put on some music and boogie, boogie, boogie all night long. Alright, until 20:00. Lest you want to be the neighbour’s WhatsApp group gossip topic.
  • Use your steps – staircase or just two, it does not matter. Up and down, don’t skip any, and get that heartrate up!

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About that doughnut…

Have it. Have two. But not every day. If you start eating heart-healthy, it makes room for the occasional indulgence without guilt. It becomes a reward.

A balanced meal does not refer to a hot-dog in each hand! Here is how to compromise:

  • Have your juicy steak, but include a variety of vegetables to your plate
  • If you are relying on animal protein, switch it up to include heart-healthy options. Meat, fish and poultry should be alternated throughout the week.
  • If you are going for plant protein, alternate beans, legumes, nuts and other sources to ensure that you get all the essential proteins.
  • Heart healthy fruits are a great way to get what you need, while satisfying a craving. Berries, grapes and dried fruits are great sources of anti-oxidants.
  • Try your best to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, too much sugar, sodium and saturated fats.
  • Follow a low-salt diet.

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Help your body, help your heart

There are a variety of supplements that you can take to optimise the functions of your body, and in turn, help your heart.

  • Solgar Multiple Fibre Formula Vegetable Capsules
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids/Fish Oils such as Vogel Bioforce Veg Omega 3 Caps, Solal Omega-3 Krill Oil Caps, Solal Omega-3 Double Strength or Vital Omega 3 Concentrate Caps
  • Vitamin B complex

These supplements will aid in the fight against bad cholesterol, blood clots and unhealthy veins that may contribute to hypertension.

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Drinking enough water is vital. More than 90% of your blood is water. If you dehydrate, your blood can turn sticky and syrupy. This raises the pressure and makes your heart work harder. Drink at least 250ml for every 10kg’s that you weigh. If you are active, you can drink 1.5 to 2 times that amount.

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Don’t go breaking our hearts

We love being of use! We live to serve and help you. If you are on a treatment plan from your doctor, Mopani Pharmacy can assist in facilitating the process of providing monthly, chronic medications and supplements. Our knowledgeable Pharmacists and Sisters can assist with sound recommendations. You should also remember to tell us if you are on any other medications or supplements, so that our pharmacists can rule out any contra-indicated substances.

We are like family, no need to call ahead, just come on in!

Side note, in case you were looking …

  • We do have some super comfy running socks by FALKE
  • A heart healthy food section too.
  • Yes, there are snacks.
  • Yes, they are delicious!
  • Sorry, we don’t have doughnuts.

See you soon!


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