Meet our New Responsible Pharmacist

The opening of Mopani Pharmacy I’Langa Mall was a pivotal point in our growth into the community. It was exciting that your favourite local pharmacy would now physically be in more than one place. Mopani quickly became an established, stand-alone pharmacy in the mall and was well received by the public’s regular shoppers. When the mall developed and expanded in 2017, so did Mopani Pharmacy, bringing you a beautiful, new store for your shopping convenience. This year marks another change at our I’langa Mall store:

Meet Neil van der Spuy – the new Responsible Pharmacist (RP) at Mopani Pharmacy’s Dispensary at I’langa Mall. Born and bred in Mbombela, Neil studied pharmacy at North West University and is back in his hometown to serve the community that helped raise him.

“I am very proud to be a part of Mopani,” Neil shares, while waiting to assist patients. “It is a local pharmacy and it started small – look at where it is now and at the role it plays in the community”. Neil describes Mopani as an innovative pharmacy, taking into consideration their dispensary robots – Molly and Spencer (so called at our Crossing store) – that helps with the accuracy of dispensing medication and gives the pharmacist more time to interact with the patient. The efforts they are making towards becoming a greener company also remains close to Neil’s heart. “We keep up to date with most of the latest medical treatments on the market; it broadens your knowledge as a pharmacist and being an RP at one of the largest independent pharmacies makes you grow as a person”.

Neil decided to study Pharmacy due to his passion for people. “I was always fascinated by medical sciences and human physiology. So, being a pharmacist gives me a perfect balance of helping my community and being in the medical field’’. “Ultimately my goal as RP is to ensure that every patient who comes to Mopani Pharmacy is given the best possible treatment and care. If my staff also has a question about certain medications, I’m here to advise them”. He also won’t hesitate to contact a doctor to ensure that he is providing the best service and believes that the health and safety of the patient always comes first. When asked what his motto in life is, he answered; “a setback is the beginning of a comeback”.

“We make sure that we employ professional, qualified people to help our patients in the best possible way that we can,” Neil explains. He says the community can look forward to friendly, quality service, where patients are treated as individuals. “We want everyone to feel like they are a part of the Mopani family”.

 The balance between remaining a beloved community pharmacy and manifesting its rightful place in a competitive retail environment was maintained. Mopani Pharmacy offers more than ever before… in a mall.


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