One of our staff members had an unfortunate accident which had her in a Moon Boot for a few weeks. This particular worker-bee is a typical busy-body at Mopani Pharmacy, and didn’t let her injury stop her from performing her duties.

On the days that we were able to convince her to stay put on a large exercise ball behind a desk, she often complained of lower-back pain. Now, we are not saying that one should keep waddling around on a fractured foot, but it did give some insights to a recent press release published by the University of Cincinnati.

Professor Davis, who works in the department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences stated, “The body doesn’t like static postures continually. You don’t want to do all sitting or all standing all the time. You want to alter your position and change it up throughout the day.”

Many of us are working from home or at the office, but either way, assuring that it is ergonomically safe, is essential to your overall posture.

“The screen and keyboard on laptops are smaller than a standard office computer”, said Davis, “As a result the user often looks downward since the smaller screen is well below eye height”.

To ensure that your working station is ergonomically sound, you can adjust the following


  • Your chair should have arm rests and be adjusted to the correct height
  • When sitting on your chair, make sure to sit as far back as possible to get better lumbar support
  • The computer monitor should be in front of you, not to the side, and be at eye-level

Furthermore, moving around as often as possible will be beneficial. You can try to get up at least once an hour – visit the bathroom, make some coffee or just take a lap around the office to break your static position.

After a long day, many are tempted to take a seat on the couch for the rest of the evening before bed – only to experience lower back pain or pain in the hips and buttocks. This is an excellent reminder that we are not meant to sit, all day and all night.

Put your back in to it


It might be a good idea to get a workout in before or after dinner. If you are not huge into training at night, perhaps do some stretching. This will give your body a lovely release of tension and give your back some much needed movement.

At the moment, we are isolating ourselves from friends and family – and that is commendable but, it need not be the reason we all turn into couch potatoes! There are many online platforms that offer video tutorials, “exercise-along” opportunities, as well as fun dances to learn.

We strongly urge our worker-bee to take it easy, but the rest of us, have no excuse. Perhaps, we should all learn a new dance?

Would you like to see the Mopani Team doing a dance? Let us know in the comment section below…

We got your back

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