Getting fit does not have to mean that you sign up to a running club or hit the gym. Making time to actually go to these places is often an issue. Some of us find that we would like to have our lungs climb from our chests and whip us in the face, in the private. Well, fear not! You can sweat it out at home!

Here is how:

Step one: Stretch!


Touch your toes, practice slow splits, reach for the stars! Stretching out every muscle you possibly can is intense, but it will save you plenty of aches later. If you have internet at home, watch a yoga tutorial or two, to up your game, once your workouts are getting longer.

Step two: Jump


Jump ropes are inexpensive compared to all the fancy machines available. For about a R100 each, depending on where you buy, you can get a proper jumping rope for each member of the family. Some are heavier than others, so make sure to do your research on what type of rope you should get. Heavier ropes add some resistance to your workout to aid in toning your arms and burning more fat. Lighter ropes are designed to keep you jumping for longer.

If you are not planning to face a store and buy a rope, go for the plain ol’ fashioned jumping jack!

Step 3: Use your own body weight

Squat, then let your feet back and do a push-up. Then come back up and jump, reaching for the sky. Repeat this for your allocated time.

Step 4: Run/walk

If you feel comfortable leaving the house, but not necessarily want to join a gym just to use the t(d)readmill, take a walk or go for a run. Alternatively, look for a spot indoors or outside where you can do 5 to 10 metre sprints, up and down.

Step 5: Chores


Your gutters might need some TLC. The garage had not been cleaned for a while. When is the-last time you spring cleaned, moving everything away and scrubbing every corner?  This is a long-haul endurance workout on its own. However, sweep to a beat, scrub and shuffle, dust while you do the tango, and watch your cleaning become a choreographed dance!

Step 6: Stretch again!

Repeat your stretching, so you can be able to do it again tomorrow, and tackle another household chore.

Step 7: Rehydrate and recover

Working up a sweat can lead to dehydration and a loss of electrolytes. You may get cramps, headaches and muscle spasms, especially if you are unfit. Drinking water is essential, but you have to add some electrolytes as well.

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How much time you should be spending on your work outs

Let’s take out step 5, as that will be an activity you can perform either all day long or for an hour or two, depending on how much house work you have.

As for the rest, start by spending 5 minutes on each step on day one. If you feel like you can handle more on day two, add a minute to each step. Once you feel comfortable to do more, keep adding a minute. This way, your workout can last anywhere between 25 minutes, to an hour, or perhaps an hour and 30 minutes. You decide, on what your body can handle. You can start with 3 days per week and move up to 5 or 6 days, if you would like. Just remember to give yourself one day off to rest, as your body may reach its limit.

If you are sick, please do not exert yourself as this may do more harm than good.

You can still do some stretching to help your blood circulation and lymph node drainage, but do not attempt anything that will make your heart work any harder than it needs to!

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