Martha Sees Success

Martha is truly on her way to being healthier! After almost a month, and only having only recently started her eating program with Liesbet Delport, Martha has lost a commendable 2kg!

Martha says that “Change is good but not easy.” She admits that one needs positive support to be able to achieve one’s goals. Martha has changed her diet after consultation with Liesbet Delport; she now knows how to prepare her meals in a healthier way. Because Martha didn’t restrict her diet in any way before embarking on this journey, she admits that it does take some adjustment.

After having made big changes to her diet, Martha’s body had to adapt. “At first I felt like my immune system is failing me”, says Martha. This was challenging as she still had to go to the gym to work with Walter, the personal trainer. But working with Walter has changed her perspective on exercise.

The sobering reality is that you have to work a lot harder than you may think.

Yet, Martha is encouraged. She says that she is happy and motivated since she saw results reflected on the scale.

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“Thank you to everyone for your support!” Martha