Martha’s Journey Begins!

Martha Nkomo is a familiar face at Mopani Pharmacy. Martha is a much-loved Mopani staff member, and has been part of our family for years. Martha has embarked on a lifestyle change for physical, emotional and mental health – and Mopani Pharmacy and our friends will help her on this inspiring journey.

Martha is a dedicated mother of three, including a set of twins! She admits that, unlike some other lucky mothers, she has battled to lose weight since becoming a mom, despite breastfeeding all her children. After her youngest daughter, it has become even more difficult to find the energy to focus on her own health, despite having joined the gym a while ago.

At the moment, Martha weighs 136,5 kg. The extra weight is affecting her circulation to her legs, especially since she is on her feet the whole day serving customers. The daily strain of being a working mom has kept her from achieving her goals in the past … until now! 

 In an effort to support Martha on a complete health overhaul, Martha has completed a Wellness Test at Mopani Pharmacy’s Wellness Clinic. Knowing your health indicators is a great way to start. Her high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are indicators that this lifestyle change is about more than losing weight.  “I know it’s going to be a long road and I am willing to take it”, says Martha. Mopani Pharmacy will help her all the way.

Martha will enjoy the advice of a dietician, Liesbet Delport, our knowledgeable sports nutrition consultants, as well as the guidance of a personal trainer, Walter Botha at Virgin Active to achieve her goals. 

Follow her journey at #marthatakingcare and be inspired!

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