We are a locally owned independent pharmacy with four stores serving the Lowveld. Mopani Pharmacy’s dedication to service has established its reputation as a health and wellness destination in the Lowveld region over the past 38 years.

The Mopani staff are here for you. We are here to make life easier, to minimise the stress.

Dispensary and over the counter medicines


In the heart of the pharmacy, our pharmacist teams are hard at work. Dispensing medicines is only half the job though. Ever seen them take control of a keyboard? Quick. Efficient. Done. All while maintaining some eye contact, offering advice and answering questions too.

Corné Cilliers, our Crossing Centre Responsible Pharmacist once said: “I love to work in a positive, people orientated environment, which places a high priority on care. As a tutor I am involved in the development of our pharmacist assistants and interns and it is heart-warming to encourage them to achieve success. Furthermore, I find it stimulating to keep my knowledge up to date through continued educational efforts.”

Read more: Introducing: Responsible Pharmacist, Corné Cilliers

Repeat Prescription Service

Once your prescription had been loaded on to the system, you will be notified once it is time for your monthly re-fill. You can then simply choose if you would like to collect, or have it delivered to you. With our efficient system in place, your medication will be prepared and ready, so you never have to go without it.

Email us: chronic2@mopani.co.za I Lerie: (013) 755 5500

Our store offering


We are authorised stockists of leading beauty, fragrance, sports nutrition, health food, baby and maternity product brands. Schedule 0 medications as well as a variety of homeopathic remedies and overall health vitamins and supplements are available. Our knowledgeable sales teams manning the floor will be able to point you in the right direction.


Skip the trip, because you can shop our ONLINE store and have access to over 13000 items! Simply search, select, shop! We deliver nationwide!

We offer free local deliveries to Nelspruit and White River, on Mondays through Saturdays. Nationwide deliveries are free, for orders of equal or greater value than R400.

These deliveries are not limited to our online shop inventory; you can include your monthly prescription medications!

For our online store, visit mopani.co.zafor medications, email us at meds@mopani.co.za


Our easy-to-use blister packs are the answer to multiple prescriptions or difficult medicine schedules. Courien Ackerman, one of our Blister pack experts, explained how it works: “Each item that a blister pack customer is using, is added onto the software to create the treatment plan, the items are packed, according to the treatment plan, manually into the blister packing material and then sealed by a heated sealing machine.” You may then simply pop-out the medications as indicated.

Contact us: easyplan@mopani.co.za I Courien: (013) 755 5594

Wellness Clinic

Our Wellness Clinics offer primary healthcare services without prior appointment.

Knowing your cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index will enable you with the ultimate knowledge – to guide you through the rest of your journey towards wellness.

Clinic Services include: Wellness screening, travel vaccinations, adult immunisations, minor consultations, cardio monitoring, HIV testing & counselling, allergy tests, blood group tests

clinic@mopani.co.za | (013) 755 5500

Baby Clinic


Our Homegrown Babies Clinics offer Ante-/Postnatal classes and consultations, baby growth and milestone monitoring, immunisations, breastfeeding support, minor ailments and more.

From the age of one week, we will be able to weigh and evaluate your baby. You as the mother will also be examined, to see if all is well. We then spend some time with you and your baby, to identify any issues you may be experiencing. Everything in terms of your baby’s success with breast-feeding or use of formula will be discussed, as well as check the baby for any developmental issues that may hinder their feeding. We can check for things like lip-tie or tongue-tie, the ability to suckle and swallow. This is also a great time to measure how well your baby is adapting if the birth was premature. Fathers are welcome to come too, for any advice needed.

Baby clinic hours are: 9am – 5pm weekdays at our Crossing Centre store, by appointment.

(013) 755 5500 | babyclinic@mopani.co.za to book.


Phone calls and e-mails are not for everyone. Perhaps the lockdown is keeping you at home. Don’t worry, we have one more alternative for you!

If you would like to contact us via social media, send us an inbox message.

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