Mopani Pharmacy bids our very own Corné Cilliers, a long overdue welcome. This dynamic woman joined us recently with the specific title of Responsible Pharmacist. However, there is a lot more to her than one may prescribe. She is… Corné:

The Ambitious

In grade 1, little Corné wrote fervently about her future aspirations in the field of nursing. Growing up, the view shifted to multiple professions, but remained steady in the direction of health care. By grade 11, she decided to pursue a career as a pharmacist.

“The seed to be in a caring profession wherein I could impact the lives of others through one on one interaction was there from the start. I truly feel blessed to be able to work in an environment which allows this interaction to flourish.”

The Expert

Corné graduated in 1990, after which she completed an internship and started her career. Collectively, this seasoned pharmacist has three decades of experience!

The Teamplayer

Corné joined the Mopani Team in May of 2019. She was then challenged to take the position of Responsible Pharmacist of the Crossing Centre branch as of last August. She was brought on-board with the challenge to grow our chronic medicine programme.

The Educator

“I got to compile the counselling guidelines for the top seven chronic conditions. With these guidelines, our staff at Mopani can inform and educate patients. I’m proud to be part of a team that provides a top-class chronic medicine service that helps ensure patient compliance.”

The Benevolent

Corné is absolutely perfect for her role, as her passion is evident in her heart for people. “I truly care about every patient’s wellbeing.” This compassion is not only for those that she serves but her co-workers and mentees as well.

“I love to work in a positive, people orientated environment, which places a high priority on care. As a tutor I am involved in the development of our pharmacist assistants and interns and it is heart-warming to encourage them to achieve success. Furthermore, I find it stimulating to keep my knowledge up to date through continued educational efforts.”

The Farm-assist

Corné is a proud wife and mother. “My husband, JD, is a farmer, and I am his ‘farm-assist’ at home!” The pair has two daughters; Jané is a second-year university student and Marcé is a grade 10 pupil.

“I have a small anthurium nursery at home. You will most likely find me at home cooking, gardening, reading, going for a walk or simply relaxing and spending time with my loved ones.”

The Wise

“Koos du Plessis wrote a lyric: ‘What I am is only grace – What I have, is only borrowed’.

Our loved ones, health and opportunities all speak of God’s grace towards us. Life is short and precious. We have to stay humble and appreciate who and what we have.

In conclusion, we are proud to have her on our team, and we wish her many happy years with us!

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