Mopani Pharmacy White River Has a New Responsible Pharmacist

Don’t be surprised at a greeting by name when you walk into Mopani Pharmacy White River. Established in October 2012, it has become the town’s reliable, community-devoted pharmacy. Personal service is a top priority of our dispensary’s in White River and Susan de Jager intends for it to remain so.

This is a vision she had even before she was appointed as the new Responsible Pharmacist at the dispensary. Susan studied in Potchefstroom at North-West University; she chose Pharmacy as a way to have an influence in people’s lives.


“The health industry is a good option for making a difference – not a day goes by without me feeling like I’ve accomplished my goals by helping my patients,” says Susan, smiling broadly.

As a Responsible Pharmacist, it’s Susan’s duty to ensure that their team provides the best service and health advice to each patient. “As well as to make sure that every patient receives the special Mopani experience,” she adds.

“Working in one of the biggest independent retail pharmacies is a privilege”. Susan believes that besides their technology and facilities, what also makes Mopani different is the way that they care for, love and respect their staff and patients. “And we always strive to support the community,” she exclaims.Mopani Pharmacy Taking Care

“Every patient is free to come and ask questions; it is our job to make certain you understand your medication and the side-effects,” she states earnestly.  Some advice she has for her patients, is to look after your health; like following a healthy diet, or just walking around the block if you don’t have time to exercise.

“And at Mopani Pharmacy White River we always have the same team – you can expect familiar faces striving to give you the extraordinary Mopani experience”.

The dispensary at Mopani Pharmacy White River delivers quality healthcare and sound advice you can trust. 

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