There are many reasons for hopping between pharmacies; sometimes it is out of convenience, other times it is because medical aids dictate where to go. However, sticking to one pharmacy is best, and here is why;

Conflicts of medical interest

When you visit multiple pharmacies (from different chains), each one creates a separate profile on their respective systems. Each one will only have a portion of your medical history.

This can have detrimental consequences. They might miss a specific allergy, or medication you are sensitive to. When you are using chronic medicine that you get from one pharmacy, and you visit another to get your acute medicine, you risk getting something that may be contra-indicated to your existing medication.  Patients don’t always think that other conditions or medications are worth mentioning, so they are missed.

Pharmacists check in with doctors when they know a patient’s treatment plan is tricky. Or doctors may phone pharmacists to find out about current medicines. If they don’t know much about you or only have half of the information, they will not know what questions to ask or how to confirm the best course of action.

In the end, your healthcare is ultimately compromised.

The benefits of choosing Mopani as your one-stop-pharma-shop

Your Mopani profile will contain all your medical info and it is updated with each visit. Every medicine dispensed to you will be added to this profile so that we can keep track of every underlying condition, allergy, acute and chronic medicine exposure.  Our stores are all linked, so you can visit any one of them if you need to.

Mopani Pharmacy also offers a comprehensive, competitive chronic medicine program that will make sure your meds are dispensed and ready, before you run out.

They will also remind you when it is time for a new prescription.

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At the end of the dispensary queue…

There will always be a friendly, knowledgeable face awaiting you: our professional team of pharmacists are ready to serve.

A sense of trust and belonging is cultivated at our Mopani Pharmacies, as we truly care about your journey to health and wellness. We want to help you treat the root cause of your ailment, not just the symptoms. We want to make sure that all your treatments are done, safely, and with minimal side effects.

If your medical aid has a network of approved pharmacies, please check in with us. We can often find a way to either match or improve on the service.

We can deliver your chronic or OTC medication and other Mopani online shopping, nationwide! Contact us for info: | | Tel: 013 755 5500 | WhatsApp: 066-192-1703