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Your Company’s Wealth is your Employee’s Health

How much balance can one strike between nine and five? Corporate Wellness Week spotlight’s the workplace’s contribution to creating a happier and healthier environment for all employees. Wellbeing-minded companies have healthier, engaged and productive workforces.

Studies show five elements should be considered to create a healthy working environment. These elements include work-life balance, health and safety, employee growth and development, employee recognition and involvement.

With more than 50% of female employees and over 20% of male employees being overweight, health should be the top priority for all employers. Heart disease and stroke are the biggest killers in South Africa, with nearly 200 cardiovascular-related deaths per day.

Our days are filled with high levels of stress, bad nutrition and little exercise – increasing lifestyle diseases. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and early diagnosis can prevent most of these illnesses. As an employer, this is the time to revisit workplace wellness. Serious illness can have a negative impact on families and companies.

Contribute to a healthier workforce, get your staff tested in only 20 minutes per employee. Our Wellness Screenings include health risk assessments such as Cholesterol, Glucose Levels, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure and HIV Counselling and Testing.

Investing in the health of your employees has a direct and positive effect on your company’s bottom line. Only 20 minutes can make all the difference. Book a full wellness screen for your employees and we will come to you. Send your requests to crossingclinic@mopani.co.za or contact 013 755 5596.