Coming from a family that worked in the medical field, it was a natural decision for Ewaldt to also choose a career in medicine and become a Pharmacist.

“My mother and my two sisters all work in the health sector so when it came to deciding what to study, it was either going to be pharmacy, biokinetics, or physio therapy. I was leaning more towards health sciences.” Ewaldt decided to choose pharmacy at the North West university and obtained his degree in 2012 and started his internship at Mopani Pharmacy towards the end of the same year.

In 2013 Ewaldt enrolled as a Community Service Pharmacist in the public sector at Rob Ferreira hospital. After completing the compulsory year he started working as a full-time pharmacist at Mopani Pharmacy I’Langa Mall. In May of 2018 he became the Responsible Pharmacist for Mopani Pharmacy Steiltes.


As a pharmacist, Ewaldt lives by the motto of being a custodian of medicine. He strives to give the best advice and patient care possible to make sure that ensure that his patients are always healthy and ensures that the medicine prescribes coincides with their medical history. Ewaldt believes it is his duty to always be honest with his patients. He also believes that there should be clear communication between the pharmacist, patient and doctor and he recommends doing regular follow-ups to ensure that their health is a top priority.

When visiting the Mopani Pharmacy dispensary at Steiltes, Ewaldt says that patients can look forward to a very pleasant experience. They will be served by very knowledgeable and experienced staff.

“Working for Mopani Pharmacy they make sure that all pharmacists are up to date by providing regular development programs. We learn about all the latest medicine and how to administer it. Mopani Pharmacy is definitely a cut above the rest as we have many loyalty programs for our patients.”

As the majority of the client base for this dispensary is an older generation, they ensure that they learn as much as possible about their needs. He also says that patients can expect fast and efficient service.

“Our team is highly qualified. This enables us to fulfill the needs of the Lowveld public and beyond.”