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Pharmacy Month is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the pharmacy profession across the country, bringing together pharmacists from all sectors to communicate the value that our profession brings in the provision of quality healthcare.

The National Department of Health together with the South African Pharmacy Council was proud to announce the theme for September being Pharmacy Month 2018: Use Medication Wisely.

Taking your medication wisely is a rather collective idea for various aspects that come together to ensure a healthy usage of your medicine. Fortunately, Mopani Pharmacy simplifies the way our patients think about taking their medicine, whether chronic or something as simple as a daily vitamin.

Taking the RIGHT medication
Mopani Pharmacy constantly reminds customers via convenient communication methods to schedule follow-ups with their physicians to keep their scripts updated. It is important to understand that medical conditions change regularly, in which case medication would often need to be altered to suit the current state of illness or condition.

If you have various kinds of medicine to take for a set period of time, it may become quite confusing regarding what pills to take when. Something elementary such as familiarising yourself with the shape and colour of each pill/capsule and maybe assigning your own creative name to them could prevent you from accidently (and crucially) taking the wrong medication. Also helpful, find out what the primary function of the medicine is. Mopani Pharmacists will always strive to provide the most informative service possible to guarantee a patient is clued up at all times!

Timing is crucial
Following the strict schedule recommended by pharmaceutical companies and prescribed by your doctor is very important. Taking your medication at the wrong time of the day could not only prevent the medicine from working, it could also have negative side effects. When taking a lot of meds, organising them according to time of day and days of the week is nearly essential to avoid accidents and serve as a constant reminder. Mopani Pharmacy offers a unique, revolutionary service called EasyPlan. Divided into 4 packs per month, each EasyPlan blister pack is hygienically separated into days of the week and time of the day. They are carefully filled with your unique combination of medications. All you have to do is simply pop out the medication as indicated on the pack.
Using medication also comes with a certain responsibility. Adhering to the recommended dosages and storing medication out of children’s reach are just a couple of ways we can manage medicines wisely and responsibly. Don’t ever take medication based on self-diagnosis or for reasons other than what the medicine was intended.

Using medicine wisely could be the key to maintaining your good health or effectively healing you of illness. It is often the small things that make a difference in the way we manage our medication. Rely on Mopani Pharmacy to attend to all your pharmaceutical needs and provide you with the best quality healthcare. Taking your meds doesn’t have to be such an unbearable experience after all.

For assistance regarding your healthcare and medication needs, contact any of our pharmacies:

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