Somewhere along the way, you will experience a period of time where you won’t be able to eat; you might have a jaw-realignment, become ill or nauseated, or have some condition that prohibits you from eating well.

If it is not you, it may be your grandmother or your child. Either way, not being able to do something as basic as eating, can cause a variety of issues. Losing weight, losing your hair, having brittle nails and sensitive skin, feeling atrophy in your muscles and not being able to focus, area all symptoms. Your body needs to get used to having food again. It is known that with the act of eating, a whole variety of emotions may pop up as well.

Luckily, Mopani Pharmacy has a variety of products that can help you or your loved one bounce back during and after an illness or condition until you are ready to dig into a glorious plate of food once again!

Meal replacement


Getting enough nutrients is the main priority when you are not able to eat well. Your body needs the nutrients, not only to function normally, but extra, to heal.  One way to ensure that you are getting the nutrition you need, is to use a meal replacement supplement, in lieu of food.

One of our favourite meal replacements, is the Lifegain Advanced Nutritional Support meal replacement shake. It can be made with milk or water, and has a shelf life of two months once opened.

The formula contains a protein base with 21 amino acids, 24 vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and prebiotics.

Warning: This product contains cow’s milk and soy protein.

Boost your brain


You might be feeling a little bit… “meh”, right now. “I cannot brain today”, comes to mind. Not being able to eat for a while may cause you to experience brain fog, fatigue and an overall lack of concentration.

We love the Vitamin B Complex Shot, as well as the Turbovite Focus Syrup, as both are packed with vitamin B complex. Vitamin B is essential for turning your food into energy, blood and hormone production and overall digestion. The small amount of caffeine, panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba in the Focus Syrup will aid in concentration and keeping the mind alert.

Warning: try to take this after you have had your meal replacement, it might make you nauseated if taken on an empty stomach.

Revitalise your skin


Your skin might be looking a tad dull and dehydrated during and after being indisposed. To get your healthy glow back, it is necessary to get enough nutrients and water in your system. Furthermore, you can try the Vichy LiftActiv Hyalu Mask as it contains a percentage of pure Hyaluronic Acid to add that inner glow.

For daily use, Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist Anti-Aging Cream is useful in stimulating collagen production and plumping up your skin where you need it.

With this combo, your skin will look refreshed and nourished.

Advice from a Pharmacist


If you need to help your body adjust to eating again, you will definitely need to take special care to make sure you keep everything moving, so to speak.

“It is always good to use a probiotic supplement, with lots of fibre in the mornings. If you are starting on solids again, something like oats or bran in a smoothie or stewed fruit. You should also take 1000 mg of vitamin C and 1 gram of Omega 3, daily”, said Corne Cilliers, Responsible Pharmacist.

If you are having issues with digestion, it is also advisable to check your medications with your pharmacist.

“Some medications may cause constipation. There is often an easy fix for this, as we just have to adjust the medication to an alternative, if need be.”

Honourable mentions

Beauty Gen

If you are feeling dehydrated, a loss of electrolytes and need an extra boost, you might want to take some Rehidrat, Slow-mag and Beauty Gen Beauty Greens collagen on the side.

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