Specialty Coffee Migrates to Mopani

Mopani introduces BlueBird coffee. Also known as ‘The Friendly Blend’ – an expresso so plush and bright that it tastes sweet on its own.

BlueBird Coffee Roastery is a ‘specialty coffee only’ roastery based in Westville, South Africa. For Dario, the founder and roaster, BlueBird started as a passion project. Specialty coffee is all about roasting for the bean’s true personality, and Dario roasts for sweetness and balance.

Mopani approached BlueBird to help build our ‘home’ barista community. To offer our customers a cup of coffee that will connect them and be the ultimate conversation starter.

We seem to run on coffee, and the obsession is only getting hotter. We met with Armandt Lauwrens, a zealous coffee connoisseur who introduced and trained our own to understand and make the perfect BlueBird cup.

Via Bluebird Coffee Roastery – Dario in his roastery

At a budding 16 years, his infused relationship with coffee extraction started at church. He later moved to Hilton in Pietermaritzburg in March 2017. It was at ‘Ground Coffee House’, where his career as barista kicked off, that he first comprehended the entirety of coffee is all at once so simple and yet so incredibly complex. “I just had the most beautiful experience there. I placed my order, thinking I was merely going to get a cup of coffee. I remember tasting it realising there is so much more to coffee”.

Simply put, for him, coffee is an art that brings people together. He loves interacting with people while creating each cup, touching on the intricacies of coffee and the experience you can expect from specialty coffee.  “It’s incredible to experience people falling in love with specialty coffee, the farming, roasting, flavours and craft”.

Photo Credit: Sarah Wang

Photo Credit: Josh Hundermark

We are excited to see BlueBird take-off in all our Mopani Fresh coffee shops. We want to see BlueBird connect our coffee community, to share experiences and learn about coffee. We pay attention to your needs, and now it starts with a cup of coffee made with the utmost care and attention from farm to cup.