Staying healthy is more than taking some supplements and getting a flu vaccine. Yes, it is a selection of choices, to be made daily. Its an individual choice to take care of each of your organs and body parts. It is the choice between your guilty pleasures and a strong power of will. It is in the little things really. Every small decision you make, can add up to a healthier body.

Are you hungry, really?


So, you are feeling peckish. Are you hungry enough to eat a banana, yogurt or an apple? Or do you just want the cookies or potato chips? If you are not hungry enough to consider eating something healthy, you probably are not really hungry. It might be just cravings for sweet stuff or eating out of sheer boredom.

Those experiencing stress or withdrawal, such as giving up smoking, may end up eating empty kilojoules for the sake of chewing something.

Plan out your meals


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – prepare for them. Assessing your groceries available, matched with your activities for the next day, you should be able to plan ahead at least 24 hours at a time. If you are going to work, make provisions for food by packing a lunch box. Yes, we’ve all had a day where we were running late and forgot our lunch. Guess what? Pies, fries and lots of lies.

“One take-away can’t do that much harm,” is the most prominent lie, followed by, “I haven’t had THAT many in the past month.”

Don’t skip breakfast


Unless you are on a dedicated intermittent fasting routine, skipping a meal may do more harm than good. When you’ve skipped breakfast, you might be ravenous by 10:00. So you eat your lunch. Then you have to figure out something else by 13:00. Or you will overeat with your next meal. Either way you have shot yourself in the foot. If you are not very hungry when you wake up, opt to include some fibre cereal in your lunch box, to munch on later in the morning. This also ties in with planning your meals ahead.

In shape? Round is also a shape…


Yes, whatever excuse not to work out, hey? Whenever you feel a burst of ‘excusing’ coming on, remember there is a counter to each;

  • “It’s too cold in the mornings!” Great, go run in the afternoon.
  • “I am not a morning person.” See answer for number 1.
  • “My work-out clothes are too small / dirty / missing.” You don’t have to sweat in designer clothing. You can do it barefoot, in some sweatpants and an old shirt, right in your living room. Here is how: link article
  • “I don’t have time.” If you have time to watch your soap or a series, you have time for a work out. Do your living room work out moves during each intermission, or use the duration of each scene for your reps. For example: Coffee shop scene, lunges. Office scene, Sit-ups. Courtroom scene, jump rope.
  • “I don’t want to.” Think of your mom, telling to do something, at the age of 8. Would you dare respond like this? Do you feel the quickening of your heartbeat yet? The urge to protect your rear-end from a stokies-slipper? Good. Get up and do it. Mom said so. She also said that you should put on a jersey, because she is feeling cold.

Drink enough water


Sure, you are drinking coffee and hot chocolate by the kilolitres, but are you drinking water?

Craving the hot stuff is normal, we condone it because, “tssss cold!” However, without noticing, we are feeding into a craving. One that might include a spoon full of sugar, some creamer and a dollop of milk with each cup. This can add to your waistline rather quickly if left uncheck. Then there is also that urge to have a little biscuit with the hot beverage.

Have some water.

Have some more.

Have it again.

Thirst can be disguised as hunger. If you fill up on some water, you might be less inclined to over-eat.

Just don’t buy that, again.

If you know that you are a sucker for something, don’t keep it in your house. If you really want some, buy it once a month. If you finish it in the first week, that is it. That is the only stash you will have for the month. Don’t buy it again, until the month is over.

This rule can apply to junk food, take-away’s and pretty much anything that you find a guilty pleasure.

Look for healthy switcheroo’s

Replace unhealthy items with healthy options where you can. Switch white bread for brown, commercial honey for raw, small sweet treats for something like grapes or berries. You can literally take any food item in your home, and google a healthier alternative – or follow a few dietitian’s social media pages for some recipes!

Keep healthy practices


With or without a global pandemic, it is a good idea to wash your hands, keep your environment clean and aired out. Living in a clean environment will keep germs, viruses and spores that can attack your immune system, at bay. Remember to keep your vaccinations up to date, and make use of a multivitamin.

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Visit the wellness clinic

If you are worried about weight gain, your blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol, visit our wellness clinic for a consultation. Here, you can keep tract of your health score, and address issues if or when they arise.


Our knowledgeable sales teams, sisters and pharmacists are always happy to assist you. If you need advice on any of our products, or how they will aid in your journey to wellness, feel free to ask! That is yet another small decision, that can make all the difference.


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