Smoothies. Everybody loves a smoothie. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but they are healthy too! They are packed full of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients needed to kick start your day.

The Mopani MTB 2019 is around the corner and we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite smoothie recipes to get you geared up for the race.

Banana Protein Smoothie


1 cup Kara Coconut Cream

½ cup plain full fat Greek yoghurt

1 frozen banana

1/8 teaspoon Health Connection cinnamon powder

1 scoop Nutritech Premium Banana Cream Whey Powder

Optional: Ice – use as needed


Pour the unsweetened almond milk, full fat plain greek yogurt, Nutritech Premium Pure Banana Cream Whey Powder, frozen banana, and cinnamon into a blender.

Blend until the mixture is smooth.

If your shake is too thick, you can add more almond milk or ice as desired.

Portrait of pretty smiling young Vietnamese woman with glass of banana smoothie standing in kitchen

Go for Green Smoothie


3 cups Spinach

 1 Pawpaw, banana and pineapple

 2 tsp Nature’s Choice Chia Seeds

 1 ½ cups Milk (try Nature’s Choice range of Milk Powders for Vegan Alternatives)

 ½ cup Medium Fat Yoghurt


Pour all ingredients into blender

Blend on high for 90 seconds

You’re done, drink and enjoy!

Healthy Lifestyle. Slim Girl Drinking Smoothie After Training, Sitting In Kitchen

Plant Protein Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients: ⠀

1 scoop Nutritech Double Dutch Cocoa Protein Powder

1 frozen banana⠀

2 tablespoons ground Nature’s Choice pumpkin seeds⠀

½ cup steamed, frozen cauliflower⠀

1 cup Kara Coconut Cream

Optional: Ice cubes⠀

Method: ⠀

Pour all the ingredients into blender.

Blend until smooth. ⠀

Once blended, top the smoothie with banana, chia seeds, cacao nibs and peanut butter, macadamia or white almond butter.

Homemade Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

To buy your smoothie ingredients, visit our online store or stop by any of the Mopani branches where one of our friendly sports nutrition consultants will assist you. Also, if you haven’t registered for the Mopani MTB 2019, there’s still time to buy your tickets on our website. Remember that if you enter for 4 your cheapest entry will be free.