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The INSIDE scoop on working from home

The INSIDE scoop on working from home

As a country in lockdown, majority of our workforce who don’t form part of the essential service sector are now working from home.

For most, that is a big adjustment. Mopani got intel from a few South Africans who have some experience with working from home and asked them to share their tips, tricks and plans of action for working from home during lockdown with you our loyal customers.

working from Home

Deon Richter, a Global Sales Director, works remotely on a regular basis


Kyle Warmback, an Account Manager at a full-service agency, works from the office 85% of the time while from home or at work spaces the rest of the time. Lockdown will be his first experience working from home full-time.



Michelle Le Grange, a Strategy Manager, is office based under normal circumstances but her company migrated to working remotely since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in South Africa. This is her fourth week working from home.

Tips for working from home:

  • Identify a workspace; for Deon, this meant creating a new workspace within his home and filling it with the necessary essentials to get him through the 21 days. For Kyle, it meant setting up his laptop and ensuring he had good internet connection. Michelle created a clear distinction between her workspace and the rest of her home. This is a crucial step – being able to switch off and relax during lockdown is essential. Working remotely makes it easy to take work home.
  • Build a routine; although you are working from home, do not become a “work-slob” said Kyle. Get up and get dressed as though you were going into the office. Create your working hours, meal and chore times and stick to them.
  • Check in with colleagues; with today’s technology it is easy to stay connected while being apart. With the help of programs such as Microsoft teams, Zoom, Skype & Trello boards why not have a daily meeting where you can encourage each other whilst setting out the day’s goals.
  • Plan & Execute; create a daily to do list and work diligently to ensure all tasks are completed throughout the day.
  • Reward yourself; to avoid distractions focus on completing a set number of tasks and then reward yourself with that cup of coffee, healthy snack or even just a deep breath and stretch of the legs.

Distractions will occur when working from home. Here’s how to avoid them;

  • Focus on one task at a time, be goal driven – use the time to work on your determination to complete your work timeously and to the best of your ability.
  • Separate yourself / your workspace from that of your spouse, partner or roommate. If actual space is limited, do this by creating a personal bubble with noise cancelling headphones or music playing ones.
  • Take regular breaks, if you allow yourself slots in the day to refresh your mind, when it’s time to sit down and focus you will be able to do so easily.

We all know that balance is key, so after a long day of work, it’s time to relax with some downtime. Need some inspiration?

Here is a list;

  • Get Active; Mopani will be sharing and posting some backyard boot camp and exercise videos on our Facebook page – follow our page to get notified once a new workout is loaded.
  • Meal prep; We will also be sharing some delicious healthy recipes for you to try out at home.
  • Build on your skills; get back to using that instrument that’s been collecting dust, learn a new language (Duolingo is a great free app for this), do an online course – this will benefit you in the long run while keeping you busy now.
  • Take up a hobby, i.e. painting etc.
  • Teach the dog a new trick or take time to get rid of all the nasty habits they’ve acquired.
  • Complete the household projects you’ve been putting off due to a lack of time.


Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. Stress creeps up on us without any warning and in wearisome times such as these, it’s bound to show its unwelcome self.

Tips for combatting stress include;

  • Eat Healthy & Drink lots of fluids; this can balance out the impact of stress by strengthening the immune system, stabilising moods, and reducing blood pressure.
  • Exercise; not only does this help get rid of built up frustration but also releases endorphins which will make you feel great.
  • Listen to music; creating an uplifting environment can have a significant relaxing effect on the body and mind.
  • Breathe in fresh air; while we cannot leave our homes for a walk outside, nothing is stopping you from standing in your yard or even just at the window and taking a deep breath in and breathing out any negativity.
  • Get enough sleep; the recommended sleep required for an average adult is 7-9 hours, while we have the extra time on our hands, lets ensure we use it to our advantage and get enough sleep to keep our minds and bodies healthy during lockdown.
  • Don’t overdo social media; with the extra time on hand, people tend to increase time spent on social media but in times such as these, the number of news articles etc. have increased and there is an overwhelming amount of information and stimulus that is at times very unsettling.

Don’t let lockdown get you down, view this time as an opportunity to harness your skills and work on your productivity. Know you are not alone; we are now a country working from home!

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