At Mopani pharmacy our pharmacists and assistants will ensure that you get quality service at all times.

However, there is a lot more to this interaction than one might think, you just need to know how to get the most out of your experience.

One may forget, a pharmacist is not simply there to decipher complicated doctor’s handwriting, to punch information into the system at record speed, or to plop that sticker onto your medication at a precise angle and position… They actually went through years of training, not to only hand out medication but to understand them and to understand how they work.

What your pharmacist is responsible for

Your pharmacist should always review your chronic and acute medication to ensure that there are no interactions or contraindications, and explain how to use it – even if it is just an over-the-counter product.

Prescribed dosages are scrutinised to make sure that they are within the recommended limit.  

Furthermore, your pharmacist should be able to assist with medical aid claims to ensure that your claims are allocated to the correct benefits.

Should you be using chronic, long term or lifelong medication, our Mopani pharmacist will offer you an automated repeat prescription service and the opportunity to sign up for monthly blister packs. Blister packs offer an easy solution to complicated medicine schedules as your medication will be packaged according to the directions, to make sure you take each when you are meant to – by simply popping them out from their protective bubble at the time indicated.

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When a new medicine is prescribed that you are not familiar with, your pharmacist should explain what to expect when taking the medication, when to take it, how to take it, and any prominent side effects that may occur.

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Our pharmacists can answer your medication related questions or source information to provide you with the best possible answer.

Other points of interest

Other points of interest include our Wellness and Homegrown Babies clinics. Your Mopani Pharmacist can provide you with an enrolment form to sign up for the Baby Club for extra benefits and rewards. The baby clinic offers the services of experienced midwives and Sisters, to ensure that you have all the medical support you need for a healthy pregnancy. After your pregnancy, you may continue your visits as our Sisters can offer insights into any difficulties you may have as well as guidance on breastfeeding, baby milestones and a vaccination schedule.

The wellness clinic offers screening of your glucose, body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol, in order to keep you well informed of your wellness score. This will enable you to make informed decisions going forward, on your journey to health and wellness.


Always use your medication as directed and never share it with anybody, as they may have an unpredictable reaction to it. If your medication has expired, you may return it to Mopani for proper disposal. Make sure that your medications are stored in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

Together with your pharmacist you are responsible for quality health care.

Although your pharmacist is not your doctor and can never take your doctor’s place, they are a fountain of knowledge that can help you with solid advice and years of experience.

Our knowledgeable staff throughout Mopani Pharmacy are ready to serve, and we can’t wait!

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