Winter time can be hard on our bodies; especially in areas where it is dry. Airconditioning, heaters and fireplaces all have one common side-effect; dries out the air!

This leads to dry sinuses and bloody noses. To top it all off, any dust particles or allergens have free reign of your respiratory tract. This may irritate your mucus membranes to the point of overproduction, and this causes that dry congestion / dry, tight chest.

Suddenly we are reaching for nasal sprays, mentholated sweets and asthma medication. When you have a baby in the home, it is even harder to treat them. Your little one won’t be as willing to have you poke and prod at their little nose.

However, a simple solution can help to alleviate the symptoms!

Vapol Breathe Easy Drops


Vapol Drops are formulated to relieve nasal and chest congestion and bring much needed relief. There are a few ways to achieve this; you can either drop some into a tissue or onto your pillow to inhale, or you can add it to your humidifier / air purifier 

It contains a blend of menthol, camphor, pine leaf and cinnamon oil, known to relieve the stuffiest of noses and tightest of chests. The drop bottle offers a controlled dosage, no mess, no waste.

Vapol drops are safe to use in humidifiers in baby rooms. Our knowledgeable Mopani Pharmacy Homegrown Babies Clinic Sisters are all well equipped to do examinations and offer advice, based on your baby’s symptoms and age.

Humidifier / Purifier


A humidifier can be used to put moisture back into the air through vapor or steam. There are many types of humidifiers available, such as ultrasonic, impeller or evaporator humidifiers. Some have warm or cold mist; others may just circulate air through water or a wet filter. We recommend you speak to our knowledgeable sales team about which humidifier will work best for your family.

Air purifiers may have some of the same perks as a humidifier, although not as efficient. On the other hand, they purify the air and trap odour and allergens, releasing pure, clean air.


Dirty humidifiers and purifiers do more harm than good. They release bacteria and fungi spores into the air that can make someone very sick! Make sure to clean out the water in your device at least once every three days. If possible, use a bleach solution or a disinfectant to sterilise it. Make sure to rinse it well, before adding more water to use it again. Make sure the room where your humidifier is used, still has proper ventilation for fresh air, so that the humidity does not become too high.

If the area around your humidifier becomes damp, you should turn it off for a while or increase ventilation in the room.

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