The Business Direct department at Mopani Pharmacy, or better known as “B2B”, is managed by none other than two very ambitious women; Tammy and Delshia. These two have built a vast customer base, nationwide from Louis Trichardt to Cape Town, and even Mozambique and Namibia.

What is on offer at B2B


“We have access to all the departments, so we can supply practically anything, to anyone, with the exception of exporting medicine of course. Lodges and businesses negotiate with us, and we offer them top quality products at a much lower price”, Tammy, our B2B manager explained.

The best part is, even if Mopani does not have an item listed online or in-store, our B2B can and will probably find a supplier and still offer it at a good price, “As we have seen with the COVID pandemic, the needs of businesses are constantly changing. That is why our department is so effective; we can source products that we don’t normally stock, at a competitive price”.

First Aid kits and refills are a major hit. “Every business, no matter how small, is required by law to have a first aid kit”, Tammy explained.

Mopani Pharmacy offers the FREE service of checking your first aid kits in order to make sure that you are stocked up on all the needed items. You will only have to pay for items that are restocked! It is recommended that you have this done every 6 months in order to ensure that you do not run out of any item needed.

Corporate Gifts are part of the job as well, “We offer custom corporate gifting, and we can make them up without our labels or logos to be seen anywhere. A client can give us a budget and we will work on concepts and ideas until we have something they are happy with”.

The current B2B demand


“Most businesses have all the PPE equipment and COVID supplies they need. Currently, everyone is experiencing mental fatigue and burnout. Our wellness clinic sisters are mobile and visit businesses to perform services on-site. We offer all-round wellness screening which includes blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol testing. Above and beyond that, we are able to administer vitamin B booster shots and other homeopathic injections which can aid in boosting energy and overall well-being”, Tammy explained.

The joys of the job

Delshia, the B2B sales consultant and Tammy’s right-hand-woman, explained that, “when I grew up, I associated the entire medical field with something grotesque, such as blood and trauma. However, I joined the Mopani team in 2007 as a pharmacist’s assistant and was promoted into the B2B department in 2013. I am so happy that I joined because Mopani taught me that there is a whole other side to medicine and pharmaceuticals. What is my job to me? It is everything. It is a rush of adrenalin to keep up; building relationships and taking the journey with clients. It is positive results.”

Tammy’s take on her role is no less enthused, “The innovation that comes out of this office between me and Delshia is amazing. We work together so well, and come up with amazing ideas of products and services to offer. I find it such a thrill to satisfy a customer with specific needs, because it is so gratifying to be able to meet the demand and exceed the customer expectations of a near-impossible request”.

The dynamic duo also believes firmly that, “no order is too big or too small”.

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