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Your Invitation to ride in Support of the Zwel Kids Club.

All Funds will be donated to the Zwel Kids Club.

Free Goodie Bag and t-shirt to the first 50 entries.

Convoy to Zwelisha Primary School leaving from Mopani Pharmacy Crossing Centre at 06h00 on Saturday , 8 June.


Friday, 7 June at Mopani Pharmacy Crossing Centre from 15h00 till 18h00.

Late Entries:

Only on Saturday, 8 June from 07h00 to 08h00.

15 years ago, the Zwel Kids Community Based Organization (CBO) was birthed.

At first, it was like every other feeding scheme. Good intentioned people wanting to somehow provide much needed food in a starving community.

Over the years things changed. A realization came about that if you only feed people, they aren’t being cared for wholistically. Zwel Kids started to develop into more than a feeding scheme; but rather into the Life Centre it is today.

There are hundreds of CBO’s , but most of them are unlike Zwel Kids. There is a sense of order, peace and camaraderie. There is a sense of genuine care and love for the children that attend. The kids feel safe and because of that, they behave in a respectful manner.

It’s evident that the leadership in Collen and Gugu has grown roots that have allowed many children blossom into productive individuals.

The community Zwel Kids is in, would not be considered ‘safe’ for any vulnerable child.

For this reason, the leadership proposed a safe house to help those that had no place to go. It’s been up and running for three years. Zwel Kids would be considered Sinani’s model Life Centre. When you show up, you are greeted by well adjusted young boys and girls. Even if there are no Care Workers on site, you wouldn’t know it. The young boys start to cook, prepare and set out the bicycles for the others to use. This is without supervision. They’ve been taught responsibility and how to take ownership.

Multiple news agencies have visited Zwelkids due to their amazing success. The Zwel Kids Cycling team include many of their children in the local MTB series with some achieving podium finishes.

As with any community project, it takes financial support to keep them operating. Zwelkids is unique in that it is self-funded. 2018 marks the start of a season to find new supporters in order to keep Zwelkids running and thriving. For more information, contact us at connect@sinani.org.